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MV ‘HAIAN WEST” – The maiden voyage after received

Ngày đăng: 10/05/2021 | Lượt xem: 715

After successfully received in Singapore on Apr 29th 2021, MV “HAIAN WEST” called VICT-Ho Chi Minh city to load containers on May 08th 2021 and her departured VICT to Da Nang and Haiphong at 05:30 a.m. on May 09th 2021- operated the maiden voyage on the domestic service.

This vessel departured Sai Gon port with 666 containers on board equivalent 979 TEUs-15,500 tons to Da Nang anh Haiphong. At Da Nang, the vessel expected to load more 600 TEU for empty and laden container to Haiphong. As schedule, the vessel will arrival Da Nang on May 10th and Haiphong on May 12th 2021-marked the maiden voyage of the MV “HAIAN WEST” that successfully operated. 



MV “HAIAN WEST” is the 2nd larger vessel in capacity of the HAIAN LINES fleet with 1740 TEU, this is the famous series vessel in the market named Wenchong 1700. After added to the fleet, MV “HAIAN WEST” will significantly contribute to improving the shipping capacity of the Company, to better meet the increasing demand for sea transportation of the domestic container market. 
Pls see the video here!


Chỉ số Thị trường

  17 - May 10 - May CHG
$-VND 25,450 25,484 34
$-EURO 0.930 0.930 0
SCFI 2,521 2,306 215


  17 - May 10 - May CHG
RTM 380cst 471 482 11
 LSFO 0.50% 562 566 4
MGO 731 735 4


380cst 517 530 13
 LSFO 0.50% 619 632 13
MGO 716 733 17