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Received and Launching “MV Haian Park” Maiden Voyage Ceremony.

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Received and Launching “MV Haian Park” Maiden Voyage Ceremony.

Hai An Transport and Stevedoring JSC was established in May 2009, with long-term business development strategies and stability, in December 2010, Hai An Port site officially into operation. This is one of 11 Sea-Port enterprises with 26 container ports trading effectively in Hai Phong city.

Following the huge success, in 11th June 2014, the Company solemnly organized the “MV Haian Park” Maiden Voyage Ceremony – a Container ship which has preeminent features and could operate effectively in domestic routes as well as Southeast Asia Routes.

Hai An Park Maiden Voyage Ceremony – Scene.

Hai An Park Container Ship.

Attending the Ceremony, from Central and local authorities, there were: Mr. Bui Thien Thu – Deputy Director of Vietnam Maritime Administration; Representative of leaderships of Hai Phong Planning and Investment Department, Hai Phong Transportation Department, Hai Phong Economic Zone Management Board, Hai Phong Taxation Department, Hai Phong Customs Department, Vietnam Maritime University, the People’s Committee of Hai An district, the People’s Committee of Cat Hai district with other agencies and departments within Hai Phong city. Representative of International guests, there were Mr.William Marshak – Commercial Counselor of U.S. Embassy in Vietnam; Representatives of larger domestic and international shipping enterprises. The ceremony was also attended by numerous domestic and international partners and clients of the Company.

Mr.Vu Ngoc Son – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hai An Transport and Stevedoring JSC, enounced at the Ceremony.

Mr.Vu Ngoc Son – Chairman of the Board of Director of Hai An Transport and Stevedoring JSC said: Hai An Park Container Ship is the Company investment with 03 partners, including: Transimex Sai Gon, Marina Logistics and Agency Co., Ltd and Hai An Agency and Logistics Co., Ltd. Hai An Park is specialized in container transport 6th generation, which was built in Japan in 2000 and has registered ABS. The ship has a capacity of 787 TEU with total tonnage of 13,000 tons and maximum speed of 18 nautical miles/hour. Especially, the ship Haian Park has the maximum draught of 8.2 m, which is very suitable with Haiphong Port. The ship is scheduled to run 02 voyages on the route Haiphong - Ho Chi Minh city - Haiphong, a self-contained voyage a week.

Thus, along with 02 ships which is cooperated with Dong Do Marine JSC; weekly, the Company will have 03 container ship voyages operating on the scheduled route HPH/HCM: Leaving Haiphong on Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and leaving Ho Chi Minh City on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Mr. Vu Ngoc Son shared, with fixed schedules and self-contained cargo transport and handling services, the Company commits to provide to clients and partners with highest quality and efficiency on container transport and stevedoring services.


The delegates visit Hai An Park ship.


Warehouse and Cargo handling area of the Company - photographed from 6th floor of Hai An Park ship.


Workers on ship.


Speaking at the Ceremony, Mr. Bui Thien Thu - Deputy Director of Vietnam Maritime Administration on behalf of Vietnam Maritime Administration congratulates Hai An Transport and Stevedoring JSC for successfully receiving the container ship Haian Park. He particularly welcomed and encouraged enterprises like Hai An Transport and Stevedoring JSC, which has actively invested in the development of fleets, contributing to the settlement of cargo congestion while the Government, the Ministry of transport is planning to tighten tonnages of road motor vehicles. 

After 5 years of official operational, Hai An Transport and Stevedoring JSC has created jobs and stable incomes for over 300 labours. In addition to the development of fleets, the model of connecting sea-port business with transport business of the Company was highly appreciated, reducing relevant costs for partner companies and improving the competitiveness of the Company. The operational efficiency of this model along with accomplishments of the sea-port enterprises network of the city will contribute to the settlement of problems of cargo transport on the main road of sea transport and reduce time, saving costs, thereby improving the efficiency of business activities of the Company.

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